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A Dynamic brother-sister duo with one goal: to unite people struggling with Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis and inspire them the fight for the life they deserve.




Bernice Samuels Nelson

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Bernice Samuels and her brother, Matt Samuels, promised their dying fiancé and brother, James, they would be build a library or statute in his name so his pain and suffering from Lymphoma would be for naught. Unfortunately, James lost his fight; however, in 2013, Bernice and Matt continued with their promise to James by starting the Cancer Diaries Organization and the C+1 movement. What was started with $0 and a hashtag on Instagram has now grown into Maryland’s most courageous nonprofit that funds families fighting chronic illnesses—cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. To date, more than $65,000.00 has been invested in loving aid, health outreach, and advocacy.  Through Bernice’s and Matt’s leadership, and the support of many supporters, survivors, fighters, and caregivers, James’ pain and fellow fighters will not be in vain.  



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Matt Samuels

How we're helping


C+1 is an organization that addresses cancer and MS patients/caregiver on multiple fronts, which includes but is not limited to: resources, patient connection, nutrition education and fundraising initiatives to make the biggest impact in the quality of life for all those affected.


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